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Head to the Payday 3 Open Test!

Head to the Payday 3 Open Test!

If nothing happens, it will only be two more weeks Payday 3We can start robbing a bank (or whatever) again in a clown mask. the Starbreeze His team actually held a closed technical audition over the summer, and only a few were accepted. But now they have provided much better news.

Even before the release, September 8-11. They also have an open stress test, the main purpose of which is to test the load capacity of the servers, which is very important before the premiere. No one would be happy if the servers shut down on release day due to a sudden heavy load, and the soul of Payday 3 is co-op.

This time, anyone can freely participate in the test, and the developers hope that the interest will be as high as possible, because this is the way to beat the servers. Participants can play as Dallas, Hoxton and Chainswolf, with whom they will be assigned to rob a small bank. How they do this is up to them. They can opt for the quiet, unobtrusive, even elegant solution, but they can also opt for the classic ‘everyone frizdiszizarábóri’. In the latter case, they can prepare for a fierce battle with the police. During the test, you can reach the 22nd level of infamy, while weapons will be withdrawn to the 8th level.

Payday 3 is in the works for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, and we can get ready for its premiere on September 21st. This is true to some extent on the steam, On the official website of the game And on the Xbox Insider Hub can participate.

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