Head to the moon!  "This is how we can get into space."

Head to the moon! “This is how we can get into space.”

Tori Daniel

The conquest of outer space is no longer within the reach of ordinary people! Nothing proves this better that we can now upload our name to the universe!

The conquest of outer space today seems less and more a distant dream of mankind: nothing proves this more than that anyone now has a chance to send his name to the moon. Plus, you don’t need any training or setup, just a few clicks.

The NASA Artemis I Its program has one goal: to bring space travel as close as possible to humans, making the assumption more and more realistic that a few decades ago it was unlikely that humans would one day be able to live on planets other than Earth. Launched in August, the Orion spacecraft will be the first to launch an unmanned rocket into lunar orbit — but it still looks like it could only be exciting for space travel enthusiasts. But now NASA gives you a chance As our name may be in orbit around the moon. All you have to do is register on the NASA website, where a virtual boarding pass will also be issued in our name and all data will be transmitted on an intermediary to the celestial body three hundred and eighty-four thousand kilometers away. The completed boarding pass includes the place and time of departure, the name and number of the pick-up and all the important details, plus the distance we’ll cover – of course only nominal, but we can still get closer to the moon than ever before.

In addition, the travel page can be printed, so it can be a perfect gift for an acquaintance who is a fan of outer space.

By the way, NASA is planning a long-term plan for the Artemis I project: it is hoped that a female astronaut and colorist will enter the Moon for the first time under the program.

Conquest of outer space is by no means a modern dream of mankind, and it is becoming increasingly common for ordinary and simple humans to have the opportunity to get close to our solar system – as recently as 2017. Mars mission Our name could have been sent to the surface of the Red Planet in the same way.

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