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the Istrian Peninsulathe neighboring islands and the harbors of Kvarner Gulf speak of the rich culture and history of Croatia.

In Pula, located on the southern tip of the peninsula, we can see one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, which also provides a great venue for many concerts and the Pula Film Festival. The famous seaside town of Rovinj, located along the west coast, charms you with its Venetian-style houses, narrow alleys, and small squares in its medieval Old Town. Its most famous street is Grisia with its cobbled steps, and a boat ride brings you to the small island of Sveta Katarina, from which you can enjoy an unparalleled view of the city.

Moving inland on land, we fall into a world of hilltop medieval villages, vineyards and truffle-rich forests.

One of the most attractive bases for exploring the region is Motovun, where you can find Grožnjan, rich in outdoor concerts in summer and full of art studios, just a short drive away. The interior of Istria can be explored on foot or by bike on the Parenzana Trail, which follows the zigzag of an abandoned railway line for about 130 kilometres.



When the Habsburgs discovered the fishing village with its pleasant climate in the 19th century, vacationers immediately began flocking here, and Art Nouveau homes proliferated, many of which still operate as inns. Angiolina Park is located near the beach and represents the city’s atmosphere well, and Villa Angiolina, in which it is located, houses the Museum of Croatian Tourism.

It is worth starting with the eight-kilometer coastal promenade Lungomare, which leads from the fishing village of Volosko, located north of Opatija, to the city of Lovran, located at the foot of the Oka Nature Park.


Croatia’s largest port is much more than a huge ferry terminal. It’s worth strolling the Corzo River, which winds past Habsburg-era houses and inviting café terraces, visiting the Pick and Book Computer Museum, and going up to the 13th-century Terzat Castle, which offers a great view of the town and city. Kvarner Gulf Islands.


A popular destination on the island of Krk, which is linked to the Hundred Lands by a bridge, is the bustling Baška beach in the cove, Vrbnik where you can sample local white wine, lahtina, and of course Krk, the largest settlement on the island, in the old town where the rich history of the region comes to be. to life. In addition to the medieval castle, Roman wall, and narrow cobbled streets, the Venetian-style houses evoke the past. If we feel like hiking, we can walk along one of the paths to a secluded beach.


The long, thin island of Cres, which snakes along the west coast of Krk, belongs to the pristine part of the Adriatic Sea, where flocks of sheep might cross your path.

There are only a few villages there, including the small Venetian-style Crest and the Roman Osor-era. It’s a peaceful, pleasant place with quiet pebble coves, a freshwater lake, and the unusual sight of pale eagles at the Beli Bird Rescue Centre. After relaxing on the beaches of Valun or Lubenice, about a hundred kilometers of hiking trails invite you to go on an excursion.


From Cres, you can cross a short bridge to Lošinj, which you can discover by walking or cycling the pine forest trails that surround the island. Its two main settlements, Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj, have a Venetian heritage, the latter often compared to the Venetian island of Burano because of its brightly colored houses. In Mali Lošinj we find the Apoxiomenos Museum, where we can taste ancient history and see the bronze statue of the ancient athlete, which has been lying at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea for 2000 years.

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Rabun is not only the eighth. Imitation of nature given by Edward and Wallis Simpson prevails, but there are also at least two dozen sandy beaches here, which, curiously enough, are dominated by pebbles and boulders. beaches in his. The most beautiful of them can be seen on the Lopar Peninsula. In addition to the clear waters, visitors can also be charmed by the beautiful medieval architecture of Rab, with four Romanesque bell towers watching over the streets.

certainly in Croatia We can also find great places in the area abroad, for this ten For example, you only need to drive a few hundred kilometers.

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