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He won a lot in the European Parliament, but Wilders did not win in the Netherlands

He won a lot in the European Parliament, but Wilders did not win in the Netherlands

Geert Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV) gained a lot of strength in the Netherlands compared to previous European Parliament elections, but came only second behind Franz Timmermans' Green Left Party (GL-PvdA) coalition.

Final forecast according to The GL-PvdA won eight seats in the European Parliament, one fewer than the two parties won separately in 2019. The Freedom Party won six seats, a significant increase from one five years ago, but fewer than the seven suggested by opinion polls. The 17 percent obtained by the Freedom Party is also far behind, according to public opinion polls estimated From 30 percent.

The liberal conservative VVD party is led by outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte Enter In third place with 11.4%, followed by the Christian Democratic CDA, the European liberal D66, and the agrarian populist BBB. The Pan-European Volt also achieved a good result, able to send two representatives to Brussels with 5.4 percent.

The anti-elite Christian Democratic National Security Council may feel sad, having won only 3.8% of the vote, far short of the result achieved in the Dutch parliamentary elections last fall. The far-right FvD party, the biggest winner in the 2019 elections, was excluded from the European Parliament by 2.5%.

Formation of a right-wing government

The modern Netherlands may soon begin its work in the Netherlands Right-wing governmentThis is more than six months after Wilders's anti-European Union, anti-immigration party won the largest number of votes, with 23.49 percent, in the parliamentary elections. Although Wilders will not become prime minister, it is already clear that as leader of the strongest party in the next government coalition, he will exercise great influence on the country's politics.

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The technocratic government will be formally headed by Dick Schoff, a cross-party civil servant, but his authority will only extend to implementing the coalition agreement struck by the four ruling parties. It was announced at the beginning of May an agreement It contains many elements that you can clearly feel for Wilders, who is one of Viktor Orbán's most important allies in Western Europe.

These include, for example, an unprecedented tightening of immigration procedures, a planned sharp confrontation with the European Union, and a partial abandonment of environmental protection goals. His name was “Hope, Courage, Pride.” document PVV and VVD are grouped together by NSC and BBB.

We wrote more about the Prime Minister and the coalition's expected policy here.

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