He will be the nephew of Consul Tamas Deutsch in Paris

He will be the nephew of Consul Tamas Deutsch in Paris

After eight months of ministerial work, Domonkus Deutsch, the nephew of Fidesz representative EP Tamás Deutsch, has already been nominated for consul, at the age of 24. free europe.

The newspaper learned from several sources that Deutsche Domoncus would be the consul in Paris, and that Minister Peter Sigarteau had appointed him for this task. He is currently being groomed for this position and may take up his duties sometime in early 2023. Deutsch has no foreign service experience.

Deutsche Domuncus was appointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on September 30, 2021, specifically at the request of Minister Peter Sigarteau. Deutsch began working in the Sports Diplomacy department, not as a junior government advisor (or perhaps as an apprentice), but immediately as a senior government advisor. For his sake, the number of employees in the department was also increased.

Such rapid progress is very rare, especially in the diplomatic field. Usually, one has to spend years in the ministry before anyone can enter the diplomatic service. It is customary to start foreign service and diplomatic work in a lower position so that juniors can learn. However, Deutsch did not start his ministerial career from a junior position and is now appointed to the rank of junior diplomat or consul without any foreign service or diplomatic experience.

Positions in European capitals tend to be particularly popular, as many people wish to perform foreign service there. Paris is therefore a special place, especially since there are currently 243 consuls in 145 countries performing foreign service according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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