He will also stay in Kazincbarcika, on the way to victory

He will also stay in Kazincbarcika, on the way to victory

After defeating Gior in 1912, Picescapa will play in Käschenbarsica on Sunday in Round 29 of NB II football. After the match, the NB leagues will be suspended due to national team matches.

Last Sunday, Picescapa won their first Serie B victory in 2021, after winning 1-0 at home to ETO FC Győr. Forward’s opponent will now be Kolorcity Kazincbarcika SC on Sunday, who lost 3-1 at home in the fall. Interestingly enough, this was the match that Preisinger Sindor He made his debut on the Purple Seat. The head coach’s balance after five matches is five wins, four draws and ten defeats, although at least four to five champions have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Picescapa won nine out of 28 league matches, lost ten times and played nine times in a draw, which is enough for 36 points and 12th place so far.

Kazinbarsica has lost more than half of its matches so far. It weighs seven wins, six draws, and fifteen defeats. The Yellow Hamzah occupies 27 points in the eighteenth place, and lose at the end of the season, but their position is not lost at all, as the thirteenth place is also a clear distance for the team. Meanwhile, KBSC has undergone a coach change since then Ballint Baxi The leaders expelled him, for the time being Joseph Dzorgak And the Peter Costa He runs who works Christon Istvan Also helps. The new coach has yet to be announced. The squad is preparing for their third match in eight days, beating DEAC 3-1 on Sunday and then being sent off 2-0 from Soroxar on Wednesday, the latter being a substitute for the match they missed in Round 24.

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Many of Chapa’s injured are back in training on their way to a full recovery, so it’s possible that someone will already be available for Sandor Pressinger over the weekend. In terms of names, that is Mark HodonickyAnd the Laurent VaskasAnd the Marco BilanAnd the Marc MesarosAnd the Alexander the GreatAnd the King Patrick And the Farkas Mark Means his return. Previously Already Dominic And the Luke Raymond He’s also injured, but they were there to coach the team on Friday. Giorgi Horsan And the Granesh Patrick He couldn’t get back yet.

At the opponent Richard Cashew He will miss the match due to suspension, as he was sent off against Soroxar in the 88th minute. It is interesting that the people of Kazincbarcika are Ballint Barbelli And the Zoltan David He was also in the foreground, while he was among the inhabitants of Bukiscapa Luke Raymond Player was KBSC. Of the 23 second-division matches played so far against each other, ten wins are listed next to the names of the two teams, and the remaining three are tied.

– Surely there will not be an easy match, even though they came out of Soroxar, they dominated the match the whole time, ran a lot, and were very aggressive. I think they’ll follow suit on the weekends. With a positive result, we can have some peace of mind for ourselves. I can say with certainty that it will be a very difficult match – Sándor Preisinger said so before the match.

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There will be a rest period for the national team for three weeks after the match. The Csabaians’ professional crew want to bring all their players physically to the same level during this period – before the league poetry. Purple’s next home game will be on April 4, against DEAC.

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