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He who laughs last laughs

He who laughs last laughs

Who wouldn't be curious about what the next year will bring. Well, the stars help us see a little into the future. Follow the annual horoscope of astrologer Ágnes Székelyhidi.

Jupiter brings good luck to Taurus in the first half of the year, and to Gemini in the second half. Summer can be a turning point for Aries, especially in their personal life. Cancer faces difficulties, but then the fruits of their labor also ripen, and Leo and Aquarius must boldly change if they feel that they are not in the right place. Virgo is going through a serious period of development, during which she can reevaluate many things, and single Libra can find a partner. 2024 will be the foundational year for Scorpio, and after that the breakthrough will come, but for now it will have to wait. Nilas is one of this year's big winners and will be remembered this year for a long time. Capricorn rotates at a high speed, but how you experience it is up to you. Saturn urges Pisces to be patient, as it is not necessary to save the world now, but you may be lucky in financial matters.

Aries yearly horoscope 2024

Now the proverb will be true: He who laughs last will be correct! You will have to deal with many challenges in the coming year, but in the end life and results will steady you, according to the annual horoscope 2024. The peak period is the period between April 30 and June 8, when your planet Mars energizes you and activates events. However, it's best not to rush, now it's really helpful to wait patiently! Summer can bring a dangerous turn in love.

For some, finances, for others, their personal life will be good in 2024.Source: Shutterstock/Copyright (c) 2023 OPOLJA/Shutterstock. No use without permission./Opolja

Taurus annual horoscope 2024

You're looking forward to a very lucky year according to your annual horoscope for 2024. Jupiter is in your sign until May 25, but after that you won't have any reason to complain. An exciting development can be expected when Jupiter conjuncts Uranus on April 21, as you make a decision that will surprise those around you. In fact, this has been brewing inside you for a long time, but then you will have the courage to act. This is a year of growth in your personal goals and in your relationship as well, you will/could have reached a level together.

Gemini yearly horoscope 2024

You can really look forward to the new year, and see what Jupiter's entry into your sign will bring for you: well, we can tell you that all is well! It enters your sign on May 26, and you can expect miracles in several areas: love, family, real estate matters, work, money, and health. In the relationship, engagement and wedding can also be mentioned, which is a very serious progress in work. This year is sure to be a turning point for you.

You can read yearly horoscopes for other zodiac signs here.

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