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He went to the doctor because of a nosebleed that would not stop, as it turned out that 150 larvae had been living in his head for months

He went to the doctor because of a nosebleed that would not stop, as it turned out that 150 larvae had been living in his head for months

It took a while for a Florida man to finally figure out why his nose bleeds so much.

Doctors in Jacksonville removed 150 live larvae from a cancer patient's nose and sinuses earlier this month. He writes New York Post.

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, had been feeling ill since October, but it was not until February 9 that his face and lips swollen enough for him to go to hospital for his complaints.

“I had a nosebleed, constant nosebleeds. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without my nose bleeding,” the man said.

When she was examined, her doctor told her that she “sees movement” in her nose.

The doctor conducting the examination, Dr. David Carlson He pointed out that when they began examining the man's nose with a camera, they discovered only twelve larvae feeding on the patient's nose and sinuses. Dead tissue and feces of beetle larvae caused a serious infection in the man's face.

(First Coast News, which was first to report on the private medical case, also has a video subscriber From the image of the probe, but it is recommended to watch the recording only for our readers with strong nerves.)

“They varied in size, but the largest one was about the size of the end of my little finger,” Carlson said of the disgusting lesions. According to the doctor's notes, some of the larvae were burrowing and looking for a place to feed inside the nose, while other larvae were already burrowing properly into the tissue.

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In the operating room, they first tried the simplest possible method, but the larvae were so large that they simply could not be sucked out with a suitable device. Some of the larger maggots even clogged the equipment, so doctors finally had to use other tools to remove the maggots from the man's head.

The worms reached directly to the base of the patient's skull, just below his brain, and if they had passed through, could have killed him.

The treating physician felt the seriousness of the condition.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear exactly what type of beetle larvae the arthropod was crushing the peppers under the man's nose, so a sample of it was sent to an epidemiologist for identification purposes.

By the way, the man assumes that parasites appeared in his head after touching dead fish.

I know I need to change the way I fish. (…) I used to wash my hands only in the river, but from now on I will also use detergent and I will also be careful not to touch my nose or eyes.

– Tell.

Dr. David Carlson claimed that during his long career as an otolaryngologist he had never encountered such a case before. So much so that he does not even know that a similar infection has been documented in the United States.

Although the epidemiologist's examination is still pending, according to the American newspaper, the man was infected with flying worm, which is the name of the infection with fly larvae that primarily attack sheep.

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A 2021 study of a 54-year-old woman living an agricultural lifestyle reported that risk factors included open wounds, lesions, scarring, immune deficiency, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, and poor hygiene.

The Florida patient had a cancerous tumor removed from his nose 30 years ago, so not only is his immune system weaker than average, he also has open areas in his nasal cavity that provide an ideal home for larvae.

After the examination, the man received a special anti-parasitic wash in his nose and is expected to make a full recovery.

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