He was the journalist who took over the intelligence

He was the journalist who took over the intelligence

In September 2016, 444 . appeared “They pulled out the details of his private life and then wanted to get him into a ‘secret cooperation’. Not before the regime change, but now.” Article – commodity. The article was about the history of an unnamed Hungarian journalist who was unexpectedly approached by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the winter of 2015 and wanted to persuade him to cooperate.

After the article was published, the Parliament’s National Security Committee met on the initiative of the opposition. The Ministry of Internal Affairs admitted that “something happened”, in connection he mentioned espionage, but more The merits were not disclosedThe investigation has not been launched.

Five years later, the character in the story is also named produced: András Dezs, journalist at hvg.hu, secret service and forensic expert, is now appearing the book On the work of the Hungarian intelligence.

date In an interview with Partizan He said. András Dezs said he was contacted because of his articles about the 2014 embargo scandal. At the time, officials close to the government were denied entry to the United States, and András Dezs obtained information from US diplomatic sources and wrote articles about it.

In Partizan, he said, he was called by servicemen in the street and said they wanted to talk to him about his safety. When asked if he had been blackmailed, he said they told a cover story that could be interpreted as pressure.

People at National Security were curious about her sources and where the information for her articles came from. According to Dezs, the concerned American diplomat also met with other journalists, and it was not secret meetings, but conversations in cafes.

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In the interview, he confirmed a question: People at National Security said they really wanted to help him avoid more trouble — so they were expecting help in return. The full interview:

András Dezs did not cooperate with them.

This summer, after the Pegasus case broke, Szabolcs Panyi, 36 Direkt journalists, Refer to the story – Then no name. Bani, with whom they previously worked on the catalog, wrote of the story:

“That is why my colleague was also targeted, but the blackmailers were completely responsible. He refused to yield to any pressure. However, thanks to his courage and ingenuity, it was not only the concrete action planned against him that ended in failure. According to several sources familiar with the national security world, it is clear that That is why the Hungarian apparatuses have not dared resort to similar brutal and Soviet means since then – at least in the case of journalists. With gratitude, I feel mixed guilt that I had to drag my friend into it so that I and other Hungarian journalists could work in relative safety in recent years” .

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