He was the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

He was the first to arrive and the last to leave.”

Vettel played kind of as a mentor this year for Schumacher, who may have needed guidance when he made his Formula 1 debut with Haas, and the American stable was rushing at the end of the field and was essentially out of the scoring.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin didn’t run the season he wanted, but Vettel has now highlighted how impressive Schumacher has been in 22 races this year.

“Well, it’s not easy to judge the car because the car was so far behind, but those who watched him closely and I was one of them knew what a great job he did with a car so weak.”

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“He’s been able to get into Q2 a few times, he’s raced really hard, he put his gloves on against much faster cars, he was able to fight and race with them, and I think that’s really cool. He also gave his team a lot of power.”

“It was already early in the season for them to see how late they were because they didn’t develop anything on the car. However, looking at the year, Mick was happy to do that and luckily put a lot of work into it. He was usually the first to make it to the track, He was the last to leave,” Schumachert praised Vettel.

Schumacher’s best result this year was 12 in Hungary, and he finished the season finale in 14th place. While Haas sacrificed the entire year on the altar of 2022, Vettel is only now hoping his teammate will get a car befitting his performance next year.

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“He showed that he did everything in his power to push the team forward and if we don’t take into account the minor mistakes he made in his first year, he has done an excellent job. So I just want you to have a much better car next year because then you can show what you can to do it.”

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