He talked about the possible NATO membership of the United States of Ukraine

Jens Stoltenberg NATO Secretary General said last week that Ukraine will be a member of the military alliance in the future, and NATO member states have agreed for the country to join the organization. Victor Urban The Hungarian prime minister broke the news on his Twitter page on Friday with a stern comment: “What?!”

In this regard, the US national security spokesman just said that the United States believes so

nato door open,

However, he noted that the current focus is on Ukraine’s success on the battlefield and maintaining its independence in the face of an ongoing bloody and violent attack on its territorial integrity.

He said it without change Delivery of F16 fighter jets to Ukraine is not on the agendabut they consult with the Ukrainian authorities almost every day.

Sergey Lavrov On his visit to the United States, the Russian Foreign Minister said that after Russia assumes the presidency of the UN Security Council, the United States will respect the relevant procedures as the host country of the United Nations, and this is all of Russia. Government member’s visit is about.

Kirby was also asked about China. The speaker indicated that Joe Biden The US President speaks to the Chinese President when Xi JinpingWhen it suits both parties. He found that the two politicians could easily communicate with each other, considering that they had known each other for a long time.

He also mentioned that specific negotiations are taking place with Chinese officials Janet Yellen Finance Minister and Trade Minister Gina Raimondo hinted about their visit to China that they are looking forward Anthony Blinken Before the upcoming visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to China. The visit of the head of US diplomacy in early February was postponed due to the discovery of a Chinese observation balloon over US territory.

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According to the official words of the White House, the United States is ready to enter into negotiations with North Korea at any time and without conditions regarding the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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