He Sponsored the Olympic Gold Medal for His Sweetheart Dóra Lucz News

He Sponsored the Olympic Gold Medal for His Sweetheart Dóra Lucz News

Dóra Lucz, the kayak of the European multi-champion Újpest, who had to compete in the national championship shortly after the Olympics, weathered a dense but successful period.

With 26 years of excellence, between the two races we talked about the Tokyo experience, its experiences and future plans.

“After 6th at the Olympics, you shouldn’t be sad, I’m obviously an extreme, so I think it could have been better, but I’m glad I was able to score,” said Dóra Lucz of Premium Media & Sport Management. benefit.

“After coming home, we were greeted in the BOK hall, where my father was also there. Then they took me home and many friends, acquaintances came, 30-40 they were there as a surprise, very good, it remains a lasting memory. By then, I was Very tired after the 12 hour flight, but had a very kind welcome,” he recalls back home moments.

“The time difference was really crossed, there was no problem with that, and I was ready for it. Explained Dóra Lucz, who also gave me insight into my difficulties outside, at home, first at three in the morning, then around five or six It took a week to come back.

“The Japanese took the coronavirus rules very seriously, they had to wear a mask, they did tests every day. I think a few countries could have organized the Olympics so well, everything was at the highest level, we couldn’t complain about anything. They were Very prepared, everything went smoothly.

“We were kayak builders in a separate hotel, and I was lucky in that regard as I still had four days to watch the race after that. It was an especially great experience for me to be able to see my partner (Tom Liebscher – Editor) as he won an Olympics with a quad Him. I am glad they didn’t pull out after 48 hours of racing. We managed to cross the village last night. They said it was more empty now than usual, but it was still a great experience, as I was able to meet other Hungarian non-kayak riders there as well. We couldn’t go to other races, and we still saw the open water float from the hotel,” he looked back.

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Dóra Lucz also competed successfully in the national championships in Szeged over the weekend, winning a gold medal in the K-4 200-meter and a silver medal in the K-4500-meter. The 26-year-old will compete in the Sprint Cup in Moscow in the near future, then skip the World Cup and his remaining role will be the main one.

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