He snatched his first national team coaching match in California

He snatched his first national team coaching match in California

The Hungarian women’s water polo team suffered a 5-goal defeat by the US team in its first Olympic prep match in California, MTI writes.

Rita Keshetili scored twice in the preparatory match against the United States (Photo: Miklos Szabo, Archive)


The Olympic champion won at home 14-9, our team won the second half of the match 6-4

The meeting was broadcast live on ESPN. The home team started strong, and Mosselman doubled in the fourth minute of Rita Keshetelli from five meters, but the Americans scored three more goals in the first quarter.

According to the Hungarian federation, the hosts did not regain the match in the second stage either, not stopping until 8-1, while we also had problems in attack and defense. Then Keszthelyi hit again from Antal’s pass, then Leiter scored the ball, but another local hit followed, so due to the announcement being interrupted, the position was 10-3 in a ten-minute break.

After the turn, Vályi and Rybanska managed to close, and after 12-5, Garda also scored. Over time, the Hungarian team was encouraged, but the American squad continued to lead with confidence.

The final stage started from 12-6, as Fed captain Attila Peru started with a 3-0 streak through Elijah, Leiter and Garda, but after 12-9 two more American goals were scored.

The Hungarian national team is training in California for two weeks in the second phase of preparations in Tokyo, while it plays three matches with the Americans. The second match will take place starting at 2:00 pm Hungarian time at the William Woolle Swimming Pool Complex in Irvine on Thursday morning.

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Prepared Match (Commerce, California)
US – Hungary 14-9 (5-1, 5-2, 2-3, 2-3)
United States of America:
Johnson – Moselman 1, Fattal 1, Stevens 1, A. Fisher 1, M. Fisher 3, Williams. exchange: Sidemann, Hauschild, Haralabidis 3, Neushul, Gilchrtist 1, Raney 3
Magyari – Szilágyi, Vályi 1, Szücs, Parkes, Keszthelyi 2, Garda 2. exchange: Antal, Ilya 1, Limeter 2, Jeongyusi, Rybanska 1

Women’s National Olympic Framework
goalkeepers: Edina Gangl (UVSE), Orsolya Kasó (FTC), Alda Magyari (Dunaújváros)
Field players: Dora Antal (UVSE), Camila Farajo (UVSE), Krisztina Garda (Dunaújváros), Gréta Gurisatti (Dunaújváros), Anikó Gyöngyössy (BVSC), Brigitta Horváth (Dunaújváros), Anna Ellis (FTC), ZétV (FTC), FTC), Rebecca Parkes (UVSE), Natasa Rybanska (UVSE), Dorottya Szilágyi (Dunaújváros), Gabriella Szücs (UVSE), Vanda Vályi (FTC)

Team preparation program
May 21 – June 5 – Training Camp, USA
June 7-13 – Margaret Island exercises
June 13-21 – World Cup Final in Athens
June 22 – July 8 – rehearsals, Margaret Island
July 9-11 – Seat Cup, Margaret Island
July 14 – Departure to Japanese Training Camp
July 26 – The start of the Olympic Games against Russia

The Hungarian women’s team is in the group with the defending champions of the United States, as well as Russia, China and Japan.


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