He set a speed record, although he never exceeded a hundred

A man on YouTube announced that the world’s fastest trash has unofficially peaked. In a video posted a few days ago, Chris Rollins documented how his turbocharged trash can shredded at 101 km/h. This feat was accomplished in two stages, preceded by several transformations.

In addition to replacing the “rear” wheels with thicker ones, a bicycle wheel was attached to the front of the container, but the box also hides the Honda’s 6.5-horsepower resource. Rollins’ goal with the modifications mentioned was to improve performance and make the body more aerodynamic. In the latter case, the fact that the man fully climbed into the plastic container played a major role, thus avoiding that his body generates air resistance. And he solved the sight by cutting a hole under the lid, thanks to which the basket did not completely lose its original function.

Many would rightly ask the question if such a thing really exists. This is a category that exists such that a Guinness World Record can also be associated with it: it was set at the end of 2020 by British engineer Andy Jennings, with a modified trash can as well. At that time, the world’s fastest garbage can was recorded at 69 km/h, which is about 30 km/h slower than the current result. It should be noted that Jennings took a seat standing up in the “trash can” – as the Hulk is called in Australia, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand – which, you see, was not a very good decision.

From here, the only question is whether other people will feel the need to try and get to the top with homemade boxes, and if so, what is the maximum speed that can be pushed out of such an ordinary object, which we are so far only a good idea for show Including our trash heap.

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