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He played Apple in Neighbors: 63-year-old Anna White looks like this today – the Hungarian star

He played Apple in Neighbors: 63-year-old Anna White looks like this today - the Hungarian star

me me He has been a loyal member of the Joseph Attila Theater since 1982. He became known nationally when he was awarded the Neighbour The role of the grandson of the weavers. In the series launched in May 1987, Neske played Alma, who became a hostess, tour guide, and later a waiter – a waiter.

It has not been shown in a similar type of production since the telegram which ended on December 30, 1999, but can be seen on screen again in the daily TV2 series Sample Fathers, which ran on August 23, 2021 with its third season.

White Anna in the parents sample

Jászai Mari Award-Winning Actress in mocha He revealed that when asked, he did not make a decision easily and quickly, but was curious, and felt that after twenty years the series had already become another genre, and that was a challenge for him as well.

– My loyalty led me to be in Neighbors Belonging to Adam (dám Horváth, Neighbors Director – Editor), and when this very long series ended, I thought I would not be in the series anymore. I’ve called them since, but I thanked him and said no.

Photo: Editor-in-chief of MTVA Film

“Neighbours has been such a special chain for the whole country – and of course for those of us who have been in it – I have done no such business since. It felt like mine. But it passed many times, and there was a chain of neighbors, but it passed every two weeks; “This is unimaginable today, our rhythm has changed so much. It was like filming a TV game. Compared to this, the daily series is completely different,” said the 63-year-old star on TV2 morning show.

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The series must be shot in order, otherwise the smooth work will be interrupted. This is more true for a daily series.

Fehr Anna

“It was something here for me, as a new entrant, I had nothing to do but accept the beat, help and of course prepare, but it was very easy. I myself was a bit worried that the daily series would be different.

In the Parents model, the role of Geza’s mother-in-law, Hedet, is played by Ivan Kamaras, while Zoltan Musi plays the father-in-law.


My character, Hédi, usually moves in a narrower circle, so for me Zoli Mucsi, Iván Kamarás and the children were really my constant partners. I also met others, but a lot of my work was with them. Openness and inclusion are normal in our profession anyway, but in an instant I felt a sense of community with the chain, the staff, and the person who stayed. They worked very professionally.

Neighbors starring actresses back then and today

Nothing proves the series’ success, as it has been repeated so many times, and that the main characters are still mentioned or addressed with great affection on the streets to this day. In our collection you can see how much the heroines of the movie Neighbors have changed over the years.

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