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He parked his $200 million car in the West End without a license plate.

He parked his 0 million car in the West End without a license plate.

We received the image below from our reader, who is said to have End of the WestFinally he got his hands on a special Lamborghini that was the “berry” of the forbidden. Not only that he parked his car in a space reserved for people with reduced mobility, he didn't even have a license plate.

Sure, sure, we contacted the Plaza in Pest, who confirmed that yes, the car had used the parking space illegally, they recall the incident, and she did not have permission to park in that space.

The Italians introduced the Aventador SVJ in 2018, powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine with 770 hp and 720 Nm of torque. Its top speed is 350 km/h, while the 0-100 acceleration takes just 2.8 seconds. In 2018, it completed a record lap of the Nürburgring with a time of 6 minutes and 44.97 seconds. This was supported not only by the power of the naturally aspirated V12 engine, but also by all-wheel drive and active aerodynamic elements.

The Aventador has been out of production for years, is no longer produced, and each SVJ model is currently trading at the equivalent of 150-250 million Hungarian forints.

By the way, there is also a roadster version of the car, the top of which cannot be opened, but can be removed: carbon fiber panels weighing 6 kilograms each are placed under the front hood. The car weighs 1,525 kilograms, which is only 50 kilograms more than the coupe.

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He awkwardly parked his $200 million car without a license plate in Westend 2.

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