He lowered the tip, and the courier took the ordered food with him in revenge

He got eight dollars, which he thought would have been a lot more than that.

He was not satisfied with the amount of tipping, so he first questioned the customer, then angrily drove off with the food ordered by a courier in America, he writes. Indy 100.

A video of the incident, with the home security camera recording the dispute, was also filmed and later released. Pictured is a courier asking a customer to get out of the house via the intercom because they have something to discuss. The man clearly does not understand what the problem is, at first the courier told him that he “didn’t understand” where the food came from. Confusingly, he explains that the house in Smithtown is a 40-minute drive from the restaurant in Commack, and even checks on his phone that it’s 20 kilometers away. From this he infers that he feels the $8 tip (about 2,850 HUF) received is insufficient compared to this distance, and he expects more.

On the other end of the intercom, the man is still at a loss, arguing that he thinks it’s a 15-20 minute drive at most, not understanding “what the hell awaits him” the courier. Then the woman grabs the food placed by the door and rushes off.

The video, which was also posted on YouTube, was viewed by more than a million people and caused an uproar, with the majority of commenters denouncing the woman for her behaviour. After the protest, DoorDash, which employs courier, removed the woman from its app and apologized to those involved.

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