He loves arcade games with these four pigs, but they just don't watch it

He loves arcade games with these four pigs, but they just don’t watch it

Sunday February 14, 2021 at 12:30 pm

American researchers discovered by examining four animals that pigs are not only able to control simpler joystick-based systems such as arcade games, but they also enjoy the game.

According to a BBC study in Frontiers in Psychology, it’s remarkable that the four pigs – Hamlet, an omelette, an ebony and an Ivory – were able to recognize the relationship between the joystick and their noses and move the pointer around the screen. telex. By the way, in the game, they had to place the pointer on the wall; If they succeed, they have been rewarded with a payout. But the researchers noted that the animals continued to play favorably after the reward machine malfunctioned, and the mere encouragement and gentle words of the scientists who were observing them proved extremely motivating.

Additionally, while observing, it was also found that there was a difference between the playing skills of each type of pig. Of the Yorkshire pigs, Hamlet and Omelette, even the most skilled former was only mid-match, while the Ivory, of the younger Panipento breed, performed well at 76 percent. It’s true that his partner, Ebony, was only 34 percent successful.

According to the study, it is safe to say that things did not happen by chance, the pigs consciously tried to take control of the game after understanding the task. “Of course they don’t play Minecraft, but the fact that they can intentionally shape a situation so that they end up getting the reward is not surprising,” BBC animal farmer Kate Daniels quotes, who said it might have been a good one – a fact known to anyone who has worked with Pigs.

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The article notes that in similar gaming experiences, a reversible thumb can be very beneficial to the animal in question, so it is not surprising that monkeys and chimpanzees, for example, achieve much better results than pigs.

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