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He just wanted to help stray cats, and his action had an unexpected consequence: this is how the life of the man – Terrace – changed

He just wanted to help stray cats, and his action had an unexpected consequence: this is how the life of the man – Terrace – changed

Living in Bristol Luke Daniels Over ten years ago, he embarked on something very exciting – he opened Nail bag He called his bar, where he welcomed those who wanted to drink with open arms for a beer and casual conversation.

However, it became clear to him that the magic of the new place was not only the people. In 2011, shortly after opening, a stray kitten showed up at the bar, and he was immediately greeted by him – an unexpected consequence of his actions.

Stray Cat Pub

Soon after, the cat named Malcolm was joined by another companion, whom they named Beresford, and the two cats slowly and gently took over the whole pub as their turf, their home. Next, they introduced the man to a litter of kittens that also lived in the bar. But surprisingly the ‘rating’ of the place didn’t end there – scroll down to find out how Bristol’s first cat pub came to be!

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These cats show that fate has finally turned good in her life.

(Source of cover and promotional images: Getty Images Hungary, source of in-article images: Bag of Nails, Bristol / Facebook)

How do you age well? – A happy life does not depend on age

January guest of Femina Club Pataki branch He will be a model for the star, a producer with him Nora Szeli, the evening’s host talks, among other things, about how to cope with the passage of time. Why is humor and self-reflection important? How can we take care of our physical and mental health? Why is it important to maintain our social relationships at this stage of life as well?

You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: January 15, 2024, 6 p.m

location: Thalia Theater


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