He had nowhere to go, so he built a little house for himself and his two daughters – video

They lived in the little house for 6 years, and he never regretted his decision.

Canto generation After her divorce, she found herself in a difficult situation, as she had to move out of the Maryland apartment she and her ex-husband shared with her two young daughters. The problem was that due to his limited financial resources, he didn’t have many options to choose from. Hope is a new, more livable future 25,000 It came in the form of a dollar loan (just over 8 million HUF) from his mother.

was brought to his attention Little House Nation TV show and after combing through www.tinyhousebuild.com decided to order a tiny house of 23 square meters and then spoke to a carpenter friend.

“I asked him how much he would charge so that I could learn from him for a few weeks, and be his assistant, so that later I could work on my own.” He remembers generation Which ended up building the house on a friend’s farm. Of course, he didn’t do everythingAnd He also hired plumbers and electricians. Completed in a total of 13 months.

When the house was finished, all that was left was to find a small piece of land where they could settle down with their home, but this was not an easy task, as it is difficult to adapt to the rules and regulations of housing construction.

Jill wanted a place where her children could feel comfortable. He was driving around looking at potential lots that might be suitable for a small house, but his financial constraints were limited. He was hoping to find a place for about $500.

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While searching, he came across nextdoor.com, where ranchers advertise their land to small homeowners to rent land from. Since Jill is an avid gardener and grows her own food, she immediately jumped at the opportunity.

Six years later, he and his family still live there and love it. generation He also created his own pageWhere he helps others find their happiness in a small house. On his site, he shares DIY experiences and small home parking tips and helps others find or create their perfect little home village. In addition, he also deals with animal husbandry and crop cultivation.

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