He first flew an electric race car in the Australian desert

He flew for the first time an electric race car in the Australian desert, which they will race in Formula 1 later this year. The Guardian reports that the structures can fly at speeds of up to 150-250 kilometers per hour, depending on the terrain.

The Alauda Airspeeder is a four-meter long multi-rotor aircraft called the Mk3 he did His first unmanned test flight in the deserts of South Australia. The 130-kilogram chassis will be used by Alauda Aeronautics, the company that built the car, primarily for Formula 1 races.

The company’s founder, Matthew Pearson, said that up to 10 flying race cars will be able to participate in the racing series. He added that three races are scheduled for 2021, but the locations are not yet known.

Matthew Pearson also mentioned that flying vehicles can accelerate to speeds of up to 150-250 kilometers per hour and can be controlled remotely. If the races can be conducted safely, it is likely that pilots will be able to physically control the structures in the future.

The vehicle is powered by a lithium polymer battery that allows approximately 15 minutes of flight. Since the race will last for 45 minutes, two battery changes will be required during the race. The company says the exchange will take about 20 seconds. The exact date of the competition is not yet known.

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