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He deliberately humiliates and smashes the Ferrari, but many people are watching

He deliberately humiliates and smashes the Ferrari, but many people are watching

Incredible success, huge income, and popularity surrounding a YouTube channel. WhistlinDiesel already has 4.7 million subscribers and gets millions of views on every video. A well-established and successful click-generating company, which was originally led by ditzy local American guys who had all kinds of local flatbed trucks.

The face of the channel, Cody Detwiler, is a regular guy who gave many people a point of identification with his bravado, confident manner, and utterly mean look, especially in the first videos, when they tried genuinely original and funny shit.

This is how it all began (Whistlindiesel/Youtube)

They struggle in the mud with a truck equipped with slick tires, they put six wheels on the rear axle of a quad bike, they really come up with funny moves in the farm boring category.

However, success brought more and more views and money, so the stakes were also increasing. Good ideas have run out and mindless destruction has taken their place. Unsurprisingly, it fared well with the public. With pre-written jokes and well-executed sabotage, they target those viewers who feel a mixture of frustration and envy toward supercar owners.

He deliberately humiliates and smashes the Ferrari, but many people watch it 2

They did not spare this technique

Those who are willing to scratch a 120 million Ferrari if they get the chance, and are tired of grinning influencers with mouths full of teeth and rich people.

He deliberately humiliates and destroys the Ferrari, but many people watch 3

They are no longer in the mood to fall for the way the face in the video shows the tenth Italian supercar with the fervor of a treasure trove and moans and relishes the way the owner speeds through the test lap.

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No, they need a shy videographer, a peasant who does not respect such machines. And Cody crushes and insults the Ferrari F8 he just bought for $400,000 (143 million HUF), just like a four-year-old smashes his toy car against a wall.

The show is honest, but in the end it turns out that the man who insults the game of the rich also lives only for profit, so the end of the video is a chunky advertisement for some kind of plastic bubble that protects cars. Of course, who would buy it? Yes Ferrari owners!

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