He couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out who was trying to rob him

A British man who tried to rob his son at an ATM in Scotland has been given a suspended prison sentence.

A 17-year-old boy was withdrawing ten pounds (about 4,300 HUF) from an ATM near his home in Glasgow, Scotland, on November 19 last year, when he was attacked by a masked man covering his face with a headband.

The attacker pinned him to the wall by the neck, then pressed the knife to his face and demanded money.

The boy immediately recognized his father’s voice. They got into an argument, and then the boy removed the blindfold that covered his father’s face.

After being asked if he knew he had abused his son, the man replied: “Sorry, I’m desperate.”.

The boy ran away from the place, and after the family learned what had happened, The police have been notified.

The man initially denied what he had done, but later confessed. The court recently sentenced him to 26 months in prison.

source: BBC

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