He climbed a skyscraper in Barcelona without a rope and permission

He climbed a skyscraper in Barcelona without a rope and permission

George King is a real freak. A year and a half ago, when he was only 20 years old, he spent 12 weeks in jail in a juvenile prison just to climb London. Dandruff The skyscraper has a height of 310 meters and is one of the tallest free-standing buildings in the UK. Because he did not have a permit, he was originally sentenced to 6 months in prison, but due to his good behavior, he could be released earlier. He has already declared that no matter how dangerous he is and has seen dangerous things, that will not be enough to deter him from free climbing.

He kept his word. In December, it will reach a height of 144 meters Force towerRe-climb in Barcelona, ​​this time Melia Barcelona Sky It looked like a hotel. As always, he climbed without insurance, rope, and permission. The Melia Although it is no more than 120 meters and 29 floors, it is still one of the tallest buildings in Barcelona, ​​and it took King 20 minutes to climb to the top. After climbing, he told Reuters he felt as though he had moved to another dimension. He felt this even when police officers brought him back to the ground and arrested him.

Barcelona’s king is on topPhoto: PAU BARRENA / AFP

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