He became a seriously ill former star in Star

He became a seriously ill former star in Star

Krizsán Lili a I will be a star! She appeared last season and soon it was revealed with severe eating disorder Struggle. The singer honestly testified about her illness and the process of her recovery, as well as the fact that she had to seek medical help because of her condition.

Babbitt, a former teacher from Colo, can now claim to be cured, it’s been two months since he was finally released from hospital, where he needed treatment for his severe anorexia. Young singer before I mentioned itHe had to move to his home in Siófok despite his stormy relationship with his parents. His real mother supported his ailing daughter in everything, but the fundamental disagreements between them have continued since then.

The crisis did not hesitate for long and returned to the capitalHe now lives with several girls in an apartment and has settled in hospitality so he can focus on music during the day. It is the ripe fruit of his tireless work that his first autobiographical composition was published in the last days, where he also sings about the tribulations of the last period.

“That’s me and this song is totally honest. I don’t want it to sound like anything, the way I am. This song in me only evokes positive vibes, it shuts down this period for myself and sets me free when I sing.” I hope that the audience will hear the desire to live in the song, they will not be the first to associate it with my disease.” – quotes Blake The words of Krizsán Lili, who said that if anyone found him with a similar problem, he would be happy to help, but he has already completely closed this period.

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