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He appeared on one of Putin's duos saying very rude things!

He appeared on one of Putin's duos saying very rude things!

Double Vladimir Putin is a Belarusian carpenter.

Putin / YouTube

Rumors have surfaced several times recently that Vladimir Putin is using stunt actors for his own security, and that he does not appear at all public events, but is instead replaced by someone else. Several analytical videos have been produced in relation to this matter, which examine the president's body language.

Using their software, Japanese researchers have come to the conclusion that we don't always see the real Putin in front of the cameras, and this was actually reported by Index last November. Although the Kremlin denies everything, the General SVR Telegram channel, run by a former high-ranking Russian intelligence officer, has now revealed the true identity of one of the actors, the Daily Mail reports.

Born in Belarus, Yevgeny Vasilievich worked as a humble carpenter before becoming Putin's fearsome representative. Dr. Valery Solovyov, who was a professor at an academy that trained spies and diplomats in Moscow, confirmed that Vasilievich even received Putin's New Year's greeting and actually survived an assassination attempt.

As it turned out, poison was used against him, and a rash appeared on his body. Doctors initially thought it was an allergic reaction, but during examinations it turned out that he had been poisoned. Fortunately, he received a small dose of poison, so his life was not in danger. They are currently investigating how the poison got into the stuntman's body.

The interesting thing is that in December 2023, the Putin lookalike created using AI asked the president if he uses stuntmen and what his opinion is about the dangers of AI. The person did not reveal his identity, saying only that he was a student at Saint Petersburg University. The conversation can be seen in a TikTok video.

@cnn Russian President Vladimir Putin was at a loss for words when confronted by an artificial intelligence version of himself during the country's first year-end question-and-answer session since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. There has been some speculation that Putin has a physical body double to cover up during his public appearances due to alleged health problems, Reuters reported. The Kremlin denied this and said that the president's health was excellent. #ai #Russia🇷🇺 ♬ Original sound – CNN

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