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He also defeated the Dutch, and the Hungarian winner was the tournament winner

The Hungarian women’s water polo team, which qualified for the Five Rings Games in the semi-finals, defeated the Netherlands 13-11 in the Olympic qualifying series final.

There was also cause for rejoicing against the Dutch (Image: Getty Images)


The day before, the Hungarian women’s water polo team, fighting their way to defeat the Italians, concluded the Olympic qualifying tournament Trieste with a final against the Netherlands, but the match, whose name was decisive, had nothing to do with heaven. In preparing for the Olympic group arrangement, the winner of the lottery will be decided from the winners of the Trieste stakes, but at least two happy teams met in the final. You can imagine the mood at third, and also a risk-free Greek and Italian match … the indifferent match and the four goals the Italians scored speak for themselves anyway. The frequency of two-day fights in the House of Commons can only be measured by the President’s Cup, which is common in the World Handball Championships.

He had one last thing: his prestige. On the one hand, Federal captain Attila Pero wanted to continue the impressive series against the Dutch (last year we won the bronze medal match in the European Championships and World League) and on the other hand he tried to use the showdown, which could be considered part of the Olympic preparations.

Accordingly, we played as hard as the day before in the fateful match against the Italians. The Dutch did not want to go home from Trieste with a losing match behind them either, which resulted in a high-quality match. The Hungarian national team took the lead again, so in addition to their excellent attacking play, their defense worked well, and everyone added themselves to the team’s performance. Never worry about your hair again, Attila Bero’s team won 13-11 and won the Olympic qualifiers. But what really matters is that he got his share one day.

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“The Hungarian water polo cannot afford to miss the Olympics Said, the nation’s athlete, Tamas Farago, who led the women’s team, as captain of the Federal Team, to winning the World and European Championships. “Accordingly, we won a complex victory against the Italians, and I put it this way because we had everything in the team that was required to achieve this amazing result. Good goal performance, great individual production by Rita Quechteli, great field play, a professional training package, and let us know” We do not forget that we achieved such a diplomatic and sporting success that we could not even hope for. We Hungarians often lose such a match not only in the water, but already at the table, but this time it did not happen.

After a very difficult qualifying period, there is no doubt that the Hungarian national team will travel to the Olympics as a medal winner, as Attila Pero told the players so before the Trieste tournament.

“ The Americans are standing out from the field, but the chicks can outrun anyone and be at the forefront of the world Carver continued. The question is to what extent can we prove the volatile force that normally exists. We always get a very good result in us, but you kind of fear that we will only have one day when the best does not happen. The fluctuation of self-confidence and performance in Trieste may have been rectified, proving that my bronze medal at the European Championships in Budapest was not an old finding. I dare say it was much more difficult to get to the Olympics than to get a medal there … ”

Women’s Water Polo Olympic Qualifications (Trials)
Hungary-Netherlands 13–11 (4–3, 2–2, 5–3, 2-3)
Trieste, behind closed gates. Fifth:
Dreval (Russian), Severo (Italian)
Magyari A. – Szilágyi D., Gurisatti 1, Repanska 2, Parks 1, Garda 3, Vályi V. exchange: Jungle (goalkeeper), Zox J. 1, Ellis A. 1, KESZTHELYI 2, Lemeter 2, Gyöngyössy. Federal Captain: Judge Attila
Williams – Meggins 1, Rye, smoothing 1, Sevenich, Genee, KEUNING 3. exchange: Conders (Nightmare), Van der Slot 1, Wolves, Stomphorst, Koolhaas, VAN DE KRAATS 5. Federal Captain: Arno Havanga
Goal – human advantage:
5/3, sick. 10/4
Goal – Multiply Human Advantage:
1/1, sick. –
Goal – from five meters:
1/1, sick. –
Main balance sheet
Attila Pero: – We prepared so well that we did better than the previous evening’s party, even though we did the same way we did the Dutch. We beat the opponent both physically and tactically, and managed to win not only the banquet, but also the tournament, which I am especially happy with.

For the third place
Greece and Italy 10-4

For fifth place
France-Kazakhstan 10-12

For the seventh place
Israel and Slovakia 10-13

The final result: 1. Hungary (Edina Jungle, Christina Garda, Greta Goresati, Aniko Gionjiossi, Anna Ellis, Rita Kizhili, Dora Limiter, Alda Maggiari, Rebecca Parkes, Natasha Repanska, Dorotia Sage, Gabriela Dograxda, Federal Captain): A. 3. Greece, 4. Italy, 5. France, 6. Kazakhstan, 7. Israel, 8. Slovakia

Olympic participants: Japan, the United States, Spain, Canada, Russia, China, Australia, South Africa, the Netherlands, Hungary

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