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HBO Max will be discontinued

HBO Max will be discontinued

The HBO streaming service has gone through many changes in recent years, first they moved from HBO GO to HBO Max, and not only the name but also the profile changed a lot. Due to financial considerations, several successful films and series disappeared from the show, which upset many subscribers, but they later revealed that they were preparing for a major change. Now new news has arrived from the platform and it is certain that HBO Max will also be discontinued in Hungary.

Last summer, David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, that they’re planning a larger merger with streaming sites HBO Max and Discovery+. Preparations for this have been going on ever since, and now it’s been announced that HBO Max has actually been discontinued.

The site itself continues to operate, but the Warner Bros. streaming site does. Discovery (WBD) is dropping the HBO brand name and will continue to operate the platform solely under the Max name. On Max, which launches in the US on May 23, content from the HBO Max and Discovery+ sites will be integrated. In Hungary, this will only be achieved in 2024.

The service provider has already put the new content into perspective, perhaps in order to encourage both old and new users to subscribe. An important change will be the creation of three subscription packages, which will be available to users at different prices, – writes A

One of HBO’s biggest hits has been Game of ThronesSource: HBO

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