HBO cut this Battle of the Thrones game after spending $30 million on it

HBO cut this Battle of the Thrones game after spending $30 million on it

At the end of Battle of Thrones, HBO announced a series of spin-offs that would somehow relate to the original story line. House of Dragons is already certain to be completed, as the first primer arrived a few weeks ago. In addition, this week It turns out tooThat Dunk & Egg will be written by Steve Conrad, and it has long been known that at least two animated series have been planned, so we will be equipped with Battle of Thrones content.

However, there is a second part that, although announced a long time ago on HBO (specifically, it was the first), will not materialize. Despite the fact that it was possible to see an actress who was twice nominated for an Academy Award in her main role, and despite the fact that in the meantime, the company allocated $ 30 million for her. This is what Bob Greenblatt said In the recently published book Tinderbox:

“They had already spent over $30 million on the Battle of Thrones history sub-show that was in full swing when I got there. And when I saw the first part of it a few months later, I told HBO president Casey Bloys, ‘It doesn’t work at all.'” And I don’t think it brings back what we saw in the original series.” And he agreed with me, which was a huge relief to me. So unfortunately we had to decide to cut the series. There was a lot of pressure on us to do a good job, and I don’t think it was going to work.”

The script for the series, which never saw the light of day, would have been delivered by Jane Goldman, who previously worked on films like Kingsman: The Secret Service and X-Men: The First, and SJ Clarkson would have taken the film. Director’s chair. As for the two-time nominated actress, it will be Naomi Watts. Unfortunately, no details are known about the subject matter of the story, but at the time of its announcement, HBO was told that “the world was filmed from the golden age of heroes to the darkest times”, and it occurred primarily in areas east of Stark Land. And we can learn from them the true origins of others, which we do not expect at all…

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