Haven't the creators of The Last Guardian created their new game?

Haven’t the creators of The Last Guardian created their new game?

Although none of the Ueda Fumito games can be called tropical movies, the specialist and his team – or his teams – have created three products so far and all three have become true cult classics, but perhaps no wonder, like the trio from Eko, consisting of Shadow of the Colossus And The Last Guardian. The designer, director, writer and almost everything was perfectly prepared for his new games – only four years between Ico and Colossus and 11 years between the latter and The Guardian, so it’s no wonder people raise their heads, if you point out something. And he did. Former Team Ico, Sony’s in-house studio – now semi-independent from GenDesign – wished everyone a fabulous new year with four postcards featuring four pictures. Three of these are Ueada’s former titles, while the latter is something we’ve seen nothing about before.

It should be noted that although we do not know the title or type, it is a ready-made fact that the company is working on something. Ueada spoke for the first time in 2018 that a prototype for a new game, funded by video game investment company Kowloon Nights, was ready, and after two years of silence, the mysterious project was revisited in 2020, when Epic Games revealed it as a publisher. It will also be active and has named three studios whose next game will be released: Remedy (May Payne 1 and 2, Alan Wake, Control), Playdead (Limbo, Inside) and actually GenDesign. We also hope that the smuggled frame on the postcard also shows that this year, even if we can’t play with it, we can’t even play with it, but at least we’ll figure out what’s main in the fumito Ueda glamorous kitchen.

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Postcard with the image of the mystery game on the right.

The last time Ueda and his team came up with a game was in 2016: It was The Last Guardian, which was mentioned many times, which started in development as Team Ico but was eventually completed as GenDesign.

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