Have you met Timi Gelencsér?  - Inner

Have you met Timi Gelencsér? – Inner

Timi Gelencsér stumbled upon the power of surprise and shared a never-before-seen photo that is both intriguing and exciting at the same time.

Timi Gelencsér is far from a rising star, he’s more than that, thanks to the fact that TV2 gave him the opportunity, and he took advantage of it. Not many people get the chance to appear in prime time on TV of this size.

outside the role

300 people had to leave an apartment building on the Corvin Promenade in Budapest

This is already routine for Timmy, and he has proven himself not only on the track during the Exatlon Hungary, but also on the sidelines, as a reporter. Later, he did the same in Dancing with the Stars, where there were no money prizes, but more recognition.

On top of that, the bigger chances are always worth more than the prize money, and as one of the presenters in Season 2, he was able to step up. Management also voted him to trust the role for season three, so it’s worth watching the events for just that reason.

One of the most attractive Kata Sarka pictures ever

Maybe we’re a little biased with Timi, because we always like those who really do a lot, work to improve, while the glory doesn’t go to their heads, stay down to earth and are fun characters.

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