Havana Syndrome: Cases have also been reported in Paris and Geneva

Havana Syndrome: Cases have also been reported in Paris and Geneva

The US Secretary of State spoke about this in an interview after it became known that the syndrome also appeared in American diplomats serving in Paris and Geneva.

The entire federal government is working tirelessly to detect the disease that has infected nearly two hundred American diplomats and their families, while also trying to ensure those affected are properly protected and cared for, Blinken added to MSNBC’s US television channel.

The Paris and Geneva cases were reported in the Wall Street Journal a few hours before the foreign minister was interviewed.

US and Russian officials held security talks in those two cities on Monday.

Blinken reported that US negotiators raised the issue of illnesses during the discussions, but made no progress on who was responsible. As he said, many concerned employees of his ministry around the world have informed him about the disease and how it is destroying their lives. “I have no doubt that he was targeted and severely attacked,” he said.

The illness can be accompanied by sudden dizziness, headache, blurred vision, and nausea, as well as mental illness, anxiety, and depression.

The syndrome was first discovered in 2016 by employees of the US and Canadian embassies in Havana. Cases from China, Russia and the United States emerged later, most recently at the United States Embassy in Bogota.

According to a previous report by the American Academy of Sciences, “targeted energy from radio waves” can cause this syndrome.

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