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Hats off to the Japanese

Hats off to the Japanese

Gergely Marcos was present in a new role at the Olympics, as coronavirus liaison.

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Since the introduction of triathlon at the 2000 Olympics, his teammates have been able to count on the conscious work of athlete Tiszaújváros at all summer games. The specialist, who works as athletic director at the World Triathlon headquarters in Lausanne, has solved several new tasks at the Tokyo Olympics due to his own position.

“I must begin to take off my hat in front of the Japanese and the people of Tokyo,” said Gergely Marcus. – In these circumstances, when a lot of resources – human and material – are being constrained by the restrictions caused by the coronavirus, the Olympic Games have been perfectly organized. Of course, there were problems that had to be resolved quickly, such as the traffic difficulties that are repeated at every Olympic Games. Regardless, the humility, patience, and willingness to do what the Japanese have shown is unique. From the moment we arrived, they took care of every step we took. Our delegates were on one floor of the hotel, and no one else was there but us. To the best of their knowledge, meals were also provided with sufficient distance. The goal was not to mix with the local population as little as possible due to the epidemiological situation, or as little as possible. The government has been under tremendous pressure, on the one hand, to hold an Olympic Games, and on the other hand, to do so with the least possible negative political impact, since there will soon be elections in Tokyo.

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important tasks

Gergely Márkus was still helping out with the cycling track in Sydney, then in Athens he was already the director of sporting events, and he played a similarly important role in Beijing and Rio.

“In Tokyo, among other things, I was a CLO, which means something like a coronavirus liaison officer,” said a well-known sports leader on the international triathlon stage. “I was responsible for making sure that all of our staff of sixty had enough information about the restrictions caused by the coronavirus prior to the event, but also that everyone had to adhere to them. I was given a kind of ‘home cop’ role, which was new to me, With a lot of questions on the go.In addition, of course, I helped the judging staff from the background, the local presentation of the competitions, and the organization of our local transport. I never got bored.

He is also the President of the International Olympic Committee and MOB

The international cast of directors didn’t have to face any surprises about the location of the triathlon, as they were all set to take off almost a year ago.

“The athletes gave a very amazing competition in Tokyo, and it would have been the case if the planned 5,500 spectators had been accepted,” Gergely Marcos continued. “Because the races and everything else, like formal training, started early in the morning, that’s why our work always started around 2 or 3 in the morning. At this time, we reviewed the weather and water quality reports for the day and agreed to the daily schedule, which we were Also we always inform him of the teams.You only had to cancel the swim practice once, as a precaution too.We did all this until a hurricane arrived for the women’s race, luckily only the tip.The international team is now tightened up as usual, but that didn’t hurt the quality.The judges came from about Twenty-five countries Three from Hungary, Zita Chuviliak, Dr. Bella Varga was a member of the protest committee and I was present. The Hungarian team was represented by four athletes who achieved excellent results, which we hope will improve the situation of sport in Hungary. I started from Tiszaújváros, it was a Mix competition Changer, which has now made its debut in the Five Rings Games, is very successful. It was an exciting and amazing fight, and the athletes also felt very comfortable in this form. A number of top sporting leaders chose us that morning, including Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee and Dr. Cree Stian Kolksar, President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

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They are also waiting for the Paralympic Games

Usually, as a fan, supporter or international sports leader, as an official, there is an opportunity to participate in events of interest to Hungary, but this time there was no opportunity to do so.

“I didn’t go or walk anywhere except for the triathlon, because the movement was completely restricted in this five-ring,” said Gergely Marcus. – We were there to make our sports competitions run smoothly. It was done fairly, and now the Olympics have not said anything else. It was very special. On my way back from Japan to Canada, I drove my flight to Edmonton, where I will be working on the World Cup on August 21. But from here, I will not head towards our old continent, but will return to Tokyo for the Paralympic Games starting on August 24. I’m going to have a good week outside, with similar things waiting for me like two weeks at the Olympics.

(On the cover: Gergely Márkus (kneeling, third from right) in Tokyo)

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