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Hartman reviewed, and the residents of Pécs finished in a distinguished place

Hartman reviewed, and the residents of Pécs finished in a distinguished place

The PSN Zrt – Pécs Sportiskola delegation finished sixth in the medal table, and finished fifth in the points competition at the 16th Banja Luka International Open Swimming Competition. Matti Hartmann, already known to many, took third place in the individual points race, which he achieved with top finishes in the 1500 freestyle, 800 freestyle and 200 butterfly.

PSN Zrt Gold Medalists: Linky Varga 50m backstroke, Nemeth Kolos 50m backstroke, 100m backstroke, 200m backstroke.
PSN Zrt silver medalists: Lili Bakunje 100m backstroke, Adele Adel 200m backstroke, Ester Lukács 50m breaststroke, Barnabas Kalay 200m butterfly, Lenki Varga 400m sprint.
PSN Zrt Bronze Medalists: Kata Kiraly 100m breaststroke, Levente Hegedus 100m breaststroke, Lenki Varga 100m backstroke, Jungel Erik 200m butterfly, Eszter Lukacs 100m breaststroke, Lenki Varga 200m breaststroke, Martin Mathias 50m breaststroke.

Other categories:
50 meters back: Martin Mathias 4th place, Adele Alvoldi 5th place, Kata Kiraly 7th place, Petra Komaromi 10th place, Susanna Kiriki 12th place, Chismadia Lilian 13th place, Nora Oberreiter 13th place, Kata Bartos 15th place
100 meters back: 5th place Adél Adél, 7th place Kata Király, 8th place Petra Várnai, 9th place Zsuzsanna Kereky, 11th place Boróka Laduver, 11th place Petra Komáromi, 12th place Lilien Csizmadia, 13th place Kata Bartos, Varga Botond 13th place .
200 meters back: Zuzanna Kiriki fourth place, Petra Varnai fifth place.
50 meter breaststroke: Levente Hegedüs 4th place, Adél Adél 5th place, Kolos Németh 5th place, Boróka Laduver 7th place, Mátyás Martin 7th place, Kata Király 8th place, Ádám Lukács 9th place, Nóra Oberritter 16th place, Milan Kremer 19th place.
100 meter breaststroke: Kata Kiraly 5th place Boruca Ladovere 6th place Adam Lukacs 9th place Varja Butund 13th place Milan Kremer 24th place.
200 meter breaststroke: Laduvier Boroka fifth place, Levente Hegedus twenty-third place.
50 meter butterfly: 4th place Lili Baconi, 4th place Levente Hegedus, 5th place Kolos Nemeth, 8th place Petra Varnai, 9th place Boruca Ladovere, 10th place Barnabas Kalai, 11th place Pence Maglinger, 12th place Tristan Major Varga, Lila Turok 13th place, Dora Horvath 15th place, Adam Lukács 16th place, Kinga Barto 19th place.
100m butterfly: Barnabás Kállai 4th place, Erik Gungl 6th place, Trisztán Major-Varga 8th place.
50m fast: Lili Baconni 4th place, Linky Varga 5th place, Bence Maglinger 7th place, Levente Hegedus 8th place, Erik Jungle 8th place, Boruka Ladover 12th place, Nemeth Kolos 12th place, Lila Turuc 14th place, Varnay Petra 15th place, Tristan Major Varga 16th place, Kata Kiraly 17th place, Petra Komaromi 17th place, Nora Oberreiter 18th place, Matej Oberreiter 18th place, Dora Horvat 19th place, Kenja Barto 20th place, Chezmadia Lilian 23rd place, Kata Bartos 25th, Zuszsana Kiriki 25th, Varga Button D 28th, Adam Lukács 38th and Milan Kremer 67th.
100 meters quickly: 4th place Martin Mathias, 5th place Bence Maglinger, 7th place Levente Hegedus, 10th place Matej Obreiter, 11th place Lila Turuc, 11th place Tristan Major-Varga, 12th place Adil Adel, 13th place Barnabas Kalay, Kinga Barto 1st place 17th, Dora Horf a 21st, Varja Butund 21st, Zsuzsanna Kiriki 24th, Petra Komaromi 25th, Milan Kremer 58th.
200 meters fast: 4th place Bence Maglinger, 5th place Jungle Erik, 8th place Petra Varnai, 10th place Tristan Major Varga, 12th place Dora Horvat, 13th place Kata Bartos, 13th place Matej Oberreiter, Kinga Barto 13th place.
400 meters fast: Bence Maglinger 4th place, Lila Turok 6th place, Kata Bartos 8th place, Petra Varnai 8th place, Kenja Barto 16th place.
800 meters fast: Jungle Erik, seventh place, Turok Leela, ninth place.
200 meter medley: Máté Oberritter 4th place, Dóra Horváth 8th place, Bartó Kinga 11th place.

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