Harry also treated his grandparents disrespectfully in his new interview: He does not deserve the title of Prince, according to palace staff - World Star

Harry also treated his grandparents disrespectfully in his new interview: He does not deserve the title of Prince, according to palace staff – World Star

When he was cast in March Harry Herce And with the scandalous interview of Princess Megan Oprah, many thought it couldn’t get any worse for the royal family, but ultimately they didn’t get it right. The latest podcast interview of the Duke of Sussex was released last week by actor Dax Shepherd.

About the conversation in detail You can read in this article. The prince has secretly criticized his father’s upbringing, and even his grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, who said there was an inherited pain behind it, he explained, as his sons moved on. She wrote another scandalous interview that spread like wildfire in Buckingham Palace, and angered many of the court officials. The Daily Mail.

Palace workers hope Harry will give up the prince’s title

More and more people in the palace believed that Prince Harry betrayed the royal family, and many were outraged by his statement criticizing the parenting style of his father and grandparents. According to the court men, he could not have made more disrespect to them.

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“People are really terrified of the idea of ​​how he could do that to the Queen shortly after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.” An insider said the fact that he dragged his grandfather into it was appalling and disrespectful.

In the interview, Harry said:

I never saw it, never knew about it, then all of a sudden I started putting the pieces together and finally putting the picture together. I realized that this was the moment my father went to school and then it happened to him, and I know this story from his life and I also know how it relates to his parents, and from this I realized that he treated me the way he did. I did it with him a long time ago. I don’t believe in blaming anyone. However, when it comes to raising children, I see that I have experienced any pain or suffering from what my father or father experienced, and I will definitely break this cycle so as not to pass this on to my children.

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In the scandalous interview, he was fiercely critical of the monarchy, Harry explained, willing to step back at the age of 20.

I saw what was going on in the background, got to know the structure of the entire business model, and witnessed everything working, and I don’t want to be a part of it.


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According to court men, if Harry doesn’t sympathize with the establishment very much, he’d better give up his princely title as well. When they quit their senior positions with Meghan in 2020, they only resigned from their royal title, so the title of His Majesty could no longer be used, but they remained the official Prince and Princess of Sussex.

There is a growing feeling that if you don’t like the establishment very much, you will not get the title of Prince!

Their title must be suspended, of course they will still be present, but cannot be used as agreed with the royal title. They’ll only be Harry and Meghan. One insider said, “If they refuse to do so, they have to explain why.

So far, there has been no news of Prince Charles, William and Queen Elizabeth’s views regarding Harry’s scandalous remarks.

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