Harassment and threats also affect the developers of Battlefield 2042 | News block

After Battlefield developers were harassed for their work on EA’s FPS game, the publisher issued a statement asking bad players to quit the game.

They have written that all of their studios are open to constructive feedback and criticism about their games, but to maintain a healthy, open dialogue with their community, they protect their teams and people from bullying. Attention is drawn to the User Agreement and Measures are taken to respect the values ​​of the society with a purpose

The letter was signed by several teams, including those working on Battlefield 2042: DICE, Ripple Effect, Ridgeline Games, and Electronic Arts. The Battlefield subreddit was nearly shut down last year due to toxic behavior, and EA’s co-developer Respawn, responsible for Apex Legends, was forced to release a statement last year expressing similar sentiments to EA’s current statement.

Battlefield 2042 struggled at launch, and has since been steadily filled with new content and changes, but it feels like it’s too late. Gamers attacking a developer for the quality or release of a game doesn’t make them work harder, it just makes their work harder, which doesn’t help in the case of any game.

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