HAON – There will be no used battery storage in Debrecen

the in Debrecen under construction With a battery factory According to one of the concerns raised in public hearings, demonstrations and social media, storing used batteries will lead to significant environmental pollution. In some cases, they talked about the fact that he would end up in the garbage heaps on the unused Debrecen border.

On the other hand, the company will not only store used batteries in the city, but also take care of recycling:

CATL does not plan to, nor has it applied for a license to store or process used batteries in connection with the Debrecen plant

confirmed the mortar Balázs Szilágyi, Head of Public Affairs at CATL, for your own good.

He added: According to the company’s goals, battery recycling is very important for the development of the circular economy.

CATL, with the support of its Brunp subsidiary, is working towards closed loop battery production and application, cascade recovery and recycling. At the same time, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed with BASF focusing on cathode active materials and battery recycling, which will contribute to the two companies’ global carbon neutrality goals.

According to Balázs Szilágyi, there are plans to recycle factories in Europe, but Hungary has not yet been implemented.

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