Hanusz Egon Stuttg developed more in defense

Hanusz Egon Stuttg developed more in defense

This week, the Hungarian men’s handball team will participate in a one-week meeting, and on Friday they will play a preparatory match with Bosnia and Herzegovina in Erd. This time, Legion also joined the squad, which is preparing for the European Championships to be hosted in part by Europe, and NSO Tv spoke to Hanus Egon, who plays in Stuttgart, during Wednesday’s public training session.


“I’ve been improving more and more game by game since I was a Stuttgart player, because I have the confidence to play a lot. That was the main goal, and I was able to move on within a few months. For example, in defense, which I didn’t train much at home when I was a Csurgó player. In addition, we use the well-known Spanish system in my current team, and this is also my assistant, and I am confident that I can use all this in the national team.” The 24-year-old manager said who In our video he talks in more detail about his experience in the German League, As well as how quickly he got used to living in Germany. It also covers, of course, How much he misses Csurgó and how much he looks forward to the European Championships in January.

Hungarian men’s handball team frame
Ádám Borbély (B.Á.L. Fejér Veszprém), Márton Székely (Eurofarm Peliszter – Northern Macedonia), Roland Mikler (Pick Szeged)
On the right scale: Bujdosó Bendegúz (Ferencváros), Rodríguez Pedro (Balatonfüred KSE)
Correct shooters: Gábor Ancsin (Grundfos Tatabánya), Csaba Leimeter (PPD Zagreb – Croatia), Dominik Máthé (Elverum – Norway)
Control devices: Hanusz Egon (TVB Stuttgart – Germany), Győri Mátyás (Grundfos Tatabánya), Lékai Máté (Telekom Veszprém)
Adjustments: Pins Panhede (Pick Szeged), Miklós Rosta (Pick Szeged), Adrián Sipos (Telekom Veszprém), Topic Petar (KSE Balatonfüred)
shooters: Bodó Richárd (Pick Szeged), Szita Zoltán (Orlen Wisla Plock – Poland), Ligervári Patrik (Telekom Veszprém), Nagy Bence (Ferencváros)
the left: Boca Bendigos (Balatonfured Boursa Kuwait), Sunico Stefan (Grandfos Tatabania)

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Prep match
Friday 5 November
17.15: Hungary – Bosnia and Herzegovina (Érd)

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