Hank Azaria Apologizes For Years Offensive Synchronization Of Indian Aput

Hank Azaria Apologizes For Years Offensive Synchronization Of Indian Aput

Running for more than three decades, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon has long been one of the most famous characters in The Simpsons. Criticism of the animated series has intensified in recent years, and one of them was that Dad spoke in the voice of white actor Hank Azaria, who often portrays Indian immigrants in abusive way. Azaria announced in January last year that it was getting rid of The Simpsons, and now In an interview he apologized to Asian Americansto reinforce stereotypes about them.

“I sincerely apologize. This is important. I apologize for participating in its creation. Some of me feel that I have to go there for all the citizens of Indian origin in the country to apologize in person. Sometimes I do.” The actor apologizes to many because he is important, but he is late. The script writer comments on the caseThat the series is not only popular in the United States, so the actor may not have offended Asian Americans just by portraying it.

In America, debates about racism and minority representation have heated up in recent years. As a result of these criticisms—and those of my father—the Simpsons creators announced last summer that a non-white character on the series can now only be dubbed by a non-white actor in their native language.

If this directive was kept in mind as early as 1989, when the series was launched, Hank Azaria wouldn’t have been given the role of dad, but the entire community wouldn’t necessarily be offended by the character – despite the fact that the number portrayed is exactly that he succeeded. In disdain, it’s not as though this isn’t the gist of the entire series: the portrayal of American society in recent decades.

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