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Handball: Race with our team – more points from a stranger

Handball: Race with our team - more points from a stranger

After a poor start, our band found magic in Kecskemét. In addition to the usual great defense, a fantasy offensive game was paired, which earned more points off the ground. The success led to the confirmation of fifth place.

Handball NB I Round 15:

KTE-Piroska Syrup – Sport36-Hops 24:37 (11-16)
Kiskmet 300 spectators led by: Hargitay, Marco

SPORTS36: Granic – Skano 2, Zobec 3, Yoga 1, MELNYICSUK 8/3, Jerkovic 5, HOFFMANN 5. REPLACEMENT: SHEPHERD(S) 1, Szöllősi 1, Takács 3/1, Radic 1, Sunajko 3, Vranac 1, Grünfelder 1, Urbán 1, Orbán 1. Head coach: Bálint Kilvinger

The most successful KTE players: Enomoto 6, Hiramoto, Szrnka, Menyhárt 3-3,

Seven meters: 1/1 and 5/6 Shows: 4p and 4p respectively

Balint Kielvinger: “We played lightly the whole time. Everyone added to the success on the field, and to that came the excellent goalkeeper performance. We won three out of three in a row. Thank you for your support!”

We opened with two Melnyicsuk hits, but the start of the match was very tough. Almost all of our balls got stuck in Deményi, in the goalkeeper of the Kecskemét net. The host team missed one of our seven shots during this period. In a 5-2 loss, Balint Kielvinger was forced to question for the first time.

After that, our carriage finally shook. So much so that at the beginning of the thirteenth minute, he absorbed us with the powerful help of Zobec. The Hungarians “escaped” again, but our attackers seemed to overheat: we hit Melnyicsuk, Skoka, Radic, and then Vranac, which already gave us the advantage. (9-10)

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In the final third of the half, Sunajko and Hoffmann also entered goal production, we even walked 15-10 away from the “drink” with additional Melnyicsuk goals. The sponsor’s entry into the field also made this stage reach 80% (!!!).

We left the changing room, continued to where we left 15 minutes earlier. At the start of the second half, we sometimes swelled to six goals. From KTE, the Japanese Enomoto was the most dangerous for us, Jerkovic and Zobec took the position of goalkeeper from Melnyicsuk.

A local request for time indicated that Josef Benchet was completely unhappy with what he saw, but only realized that he had Melnyicsuk’s paprika on our side, which won another double. (17-24)

By the time they reached three quarters, the gap between the two teams had not only narrowed, but widened. (20-28) Balint Kelvinger shot our squad well, while the Hungarians looked tired. By taking advantage of KTE’s defensive tactics, Pachtor, Jerkowicz and Hoffmann also consolidated our advantage with a goalkeeper goal.

The last 5 minutes brought an easier game, and the home team attacked inaccurately due to cramping and liberating. Szeverényi (KTE) and Orbán Barnabás finished the match by a week, and Papp (KTE) and Takács Bence scored again (again). Our team confirmed its fifth place in the league with its great victory.

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