Hampton University Was My Top Choices But w/ #HUTownHall That May Have Changed – Says One Student


Hampton University students took to social media voiced their concerns for administration, food, living conditions and more.


My thoughts, I understand that our great universities are older and historic and persevering the original buildings may give an individual a great sense of pride. However, regular maintenance is needed! I don’t not nor have I ever attended Hampton University but I am sadden and disgusted at the images of moldy dorms, food that shouldn’t be consumed and the mistreat of Student by administration.

When we choose to attend a HBCU, we’re choosing a rich legacy (if you haven’t please watch Tell Them That Were Rising), for me personally a sense of “home” the comforting feeling of know that the administration has my best interest at heart and ultimately my experience being nothing less than what I’m paying for. To my knowledge Hampton holds a town hall meeting every year, this town hall meeting is for current and former students to voice their concerns with things about/around campus such as: events, food (Cafe), dorms, administration etc.

The latest From The Administrative

To the students of Hampton University, I’m sorry you have to experience this, you now have a chance to secure permanent change! By voicing yourself concerns online, via email and in these town hall meetings, that’s the first step speaking out; the next thing is to hold these people accountable. We’re at a time where accountability is at an all time high, organize and find out how to get alumni involved and most importantly keep your foot on the neck of the issue until there are real results not empty promises.

No one wants to see their HBCU or fellow HBCUs let alone students in these type of condition, lets all hope that the administration sees the extremities of their student concerns and fix the issues ASAP.


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