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Hamilton proud, second and third goal

Hamilton proud, second and third goal


Tue, Aug 8, 2023, 6:29 p.m


The seven-time Mercedes F1 champion is aiming for second place among teams and third place individually, and is proud of how much progress they have made since abandoning the zeropod concept.

Mercedes experimented with the “zeropod” concept for a season before they decided to radically change the side box of their car, which immediately led to a serious improvement for the team, which was often only fourth in the power standings: they scored a double podium in Barcelona, ​​​​and Hamilton was on the podium Several times since then, he can stand up, and in Hungary he grabbed the pole from Max Verstappen’s nose. And although the gap compared to Red Bull, with the exception of the start in Hungary, has not decreased, but rather increased since Monaco, Hamilton, who won six championships with the team, commented very positively on the development:

“I’m so proud of everyone, they work insanely hard,” Autosport quoted the British driver as saying. “We’ve made huge strides, I think the biggest step was in Monaco. The car has improved a lot since then, and we understand the settings better. The performance is more consistent, with podiums, top 5 finishes, which is great. And all in all, we’re reliable, so There are a lot of positives.”

Of course, it’s not yet a positive situation across the board, when asked where the W14 still has to improve, Hamilton pointed out two areas: “We still need to work on the balance and, as always, we need more downforce. But I know Everybody at the factory is working hard on it.”We are fully focused on securing second place in the constructors’ standings and I have targeted third,” said the Briton, who is currently just one point behind third-placed Fernando Alonso in the singles championship.

When asked about how the pecking order behind Red Bull might develop for the rest of the season, Hamilton said: “I don’t know how much will improve in the second half of the season, but I think there will be changes. Something happened with Aston and they fell behind, and obviously McLaren also “He’s been very strong lately. And Ferrari and we were very close, so depending on the track there could be moves and I hope we can be a little bit better.”

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