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Hamilton is not sure if he wants to continue his Formula One career

Hamilton is not sure if he wants to continue his Formula One career

He doesn’t like to travel much because his family hates him, which is why he’s not sure about his Formula 1 career. In an interview with Channel 4 Sports, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton also told the results he expects of himself in this year’s championship season.

“I’m not really interested in where I finish in the championship this season. I’m focused on giving the team the best information on developments. I’m working with the players, trying to steer this car in the right direction,” said Lewis Hamilton.

He also insisted that he was not sure he would continue in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton is currently unsure about continuingSource: AFP / Ben Stansall

“There are days when I feel like I don’t know if I can continue racing. But that usually only comes to mind because of the many trips. It’s true that all the sacrifices people make during their careers, but you have to try to create a balance between social life and work. And the family. And then, when I get in the car, those doubts go away, and I realize over and over again how much I love doing it.”

Hamilton did not renew his contract with Mercedes. They seem to be just a formality, and they will go on talking about the document for a long time – he remembers

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