As the driver wrote in the middle of the Formula 1 summer break, Lewis Hamilton crashed in Monaco by not leaving dust for his ICE sports cars in the garage, despite his earlier statement. Sitting behind the wheel of the legendary Pagani Probe, filmed on video looks nothing like the Mercedes EQC nor the Smart EQ ForTwo.

He won the world champion seven times again in 2014 Your Limited Series Sports Car, although there was already a misunderstanding at the time about whether others received the special Zonda 760 LH, which is branded with the British rider. The 7.3-liter Mercedes V12 engine can generate 760 horsepower, as its name suggests.

However, it is unlikely that Hamilton will appear with Pagani in the future, because he is selling according to the latest information and his potential owner will be able to beat him at an auction. the Carscops According to Hamilton at the time, Hamilton paid between 1.5 and 2 million dollars for the sports car, which equates to 488-650 million forints today, but he still has a chance of making a profit.

After the sale, the car went to the UK, which the Mercedes rider broke at a low pace in 2015, but the injuries were minimal, so they quickly installed the probe on the track.