Hamilton aggódik a tömeg miatt Silverstone-ban

Hamilton concerned about the crowd at Silverstone

More than 140,000 Silverstone fans are expected to take part in Sunday’s race, the UK’s biggest sporting event since the start of the pandemic period, prompting mixed feelings from Hamilton.

“Every year we talk about it being probably the most special race of the season,” he declared. Lewis Hamilton a Formula1.com- nak. “First because we could be in the UK and then because of the crowd. It’s the British fans who really bring the biggest competition.”

“However, I’m also kind of there still being a pandemic, so I’m a little nervous about people. But I’ve heard there are tests, so I hope we get through that and everyone will be safe.”

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Silverstone will be unforgettable for pilots and fans not only because of the crowd, but also because the sprint qualifiers will be held here for the first time in the history of the series, which can provide a number of exciting moments.

“Any difference will be good and exciting for people,” Hamilton added. “I’ve always said since I was in Formula 1 that everything happens the same from Thursday to Sunday, every year, at every race of the season.”

“I was with him that a bit of a dynamic change was needed to make people feel extra exciting on the weekends. There are races that aren’t fun to watch, like Monaco. They have a great view, but they can’t be crossed, so there are no big fights.”

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