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Hamas has barricaded itself in the wards of Al-Sifa, and they will destroy the hospital

Hamas has barricaded itself in the wards of Al-Sifa, and they will destroy the hospital

The UN Security Council is preparing to vote on another ceasefire resolution, which this time was presented with Arab support

A new draft resolution on the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip may be submitted to the UN Security Council on Monday, after the five permanent members and ten non-permanent members failed to accept the US ceasefire proposal on Friday. Because of the Russian and Chinese veto on Israel and the extremist Palestinian movement Hamas. The new document calls for an immediate ceasefire on humanitarian grounds during the holy month of Ramadan, at the initiative of the ten temporary members, and with the support of Russia and China.

On Friday, the group of 22 countries representing the Arab member states of the United Nations asked the 15 members of the Security Council to unite and described the adoption of the proposed resolution as urgent, noting that they had long awaited the resolution regarding the ceasefire. . They also hinted that Ramadan will continue until April 9. According to diplomatic sources, the new resolution proposal had already been voted on on Saturday, but was postponed that day.

However, the United States warned that the new proposal could jeopardize the talks supported by American diplomacy on reaching an agreement linking the ceasefire to the release of hostages held by Hamas. According to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Ambassador to the United Nations, the new document gives Hamas an excuse to leave the negotiating table during ceasefire negotiations.

On Friday, Russia and China vetoed the draft resolution drafted and submitted by the United States, arguing that it did not include a call for an immediate halt to the fighting.

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The United States previously vetoed a vote on the proposed resolution on the situation in the Middle East three times in the Security Council, most recently in February, when the document prepared by the Arab member states of the United Nations was voted on by 13 members of the Security Council, with 1 member. Abstention and US veto Since the outbreak of fighting between Israel and Hamas, the Security Council has been able to pass two resolutions on managing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but not on the ceasefire. The Security Council is the only United Nations organization whose decisions are legally binding. (MTI)

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