Halo Infinite promises instant changes to play store pricing

Halo 343 Industries developer says they have listened to the community to learn and improve for the future

Head of Design at 343 Industries has come on previous occasions to talk about aspects of Halo Infinite multiplayer that need improvement, and this time Jerry Hook has done so to confirm that the studio is working on changes to the theme store the next week.

Hook shared that 343 Industries has been closely following discussions about the store, packages, and pricing since its release, leading them to work on changes based on feedback from the community and data collected. Starting on Tuesday the 18th, these deals will “find lower prices everywhere” with higher value packages and items in addition to these items.

The studio is committed to “trying new things” for the remainder of the season to “learn and improve for the future.” Hawk encouraged players to keep sending in their feedback and said goodbye to Cyber ​​Showdown, which will take place at the same time as the Store changes.

Cyber ​​Showdown will be a free event that includes retro-futuristic aesthetics, Cyberpunk cosmetics, and neon. It’s been over a month since Master Chief returned, in style, with a game that is key to the future of the franchise and 343 Industries’ most ambitious. If you want to know why shooting is an indispensable game, keep in mind that our Halo Infinite review is up for grabs. If you are interested in testing our game, here You can read it.

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