Halo infinite fast race in half an hour, the legendary gear? Soft! [VIDEO]

Halo Infinite speedrunner has proven its awesome capabilities in 29 minutes of legendary difficulty to the developers.

Master Chief’s latest great adventure, is infinite aura A spiritual reboot of the entire series, a game that adds interesting gameplay elements to the saga, such as John-117’s new shield hook, a tool that has already been spotted by fast runners. To complete their favorite games, the community of rival players has over time become a way of life and an alternative way to enjoy video games.

This dedicated hobby has brought to life a series of long-running IGN videos called “Developers React” in which developers in several studios react to the feats of sprinters while watching their game live. This time, Halo Infinite is featured in the video, sasquatch With her impressive speed of 29 minutes.

Sasquatch uses many slots in the game to reach the goal

On behalf of 343 Industries, Gameplay Designer Mika Little, Brian Traugott, Level Design Lead and Caleb Doughty, Game Designer respond in the video. The video shows how Sasquatch was able to achieve this great score by using the game’s glitches and cracks to progress as fast as possible, as well as demonstrating the excellent gameplay.

We recently saw another sprinter complete a SIFU challenge in 40 minutes without dying. When it comes to hitting as much of your game as possible to achieve a desired goal, some communities of sprinters have spent years searching every nook and cranny chasing down mistakes that can cut into seconds of their time. One of the most surprising was The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which was completed in 2 minutes 33 seconds! [Megjegyzem, anno én is elég gyorsan toltam végig az Obliviont: még 700 órát sem öltem bele…]

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source: IGN

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