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Hallas Hungarian Science Festival

Hallas Hungarian Science Festival

In today’s fast-paced world, we sometimes feel like progress is slipping away. What was present only in our imagination, and we thought that perhaps it would happen in 2050 or 2100 at the earliest, is now slapping us in the face and invading our daily lives. It is here among us, shaping our lives. .
Why is it important that we approach it from this side – it shapes our lives – and not be ashamed of it?
Why is it important to know or allow the latest scientific findings to be published?
Dear attendees!
It is always easier to avoid difficulties. We go into denial when we get sick because we don’t want our doctors to diagnose the problem. However, a doctor is effective if he can help in a timely manner.
We are afraid of losing the friendship and love of those around us, so we prefer to kill ourselves, avoiding confrontation that may sometimes lead to results. However, we are not afraid of the person we really know.
We are afraid of relationships that require our entire selves, so we prefer to escape into virtual space. However, we can find real help and joy in real human relationships.
We are often afraid of everything in the world around us and channel our tensions into faceless electronic interfaces, or many people escape into the world of self-affirming pseudoscience full of cards and marbles, where they find false reassurance.
However, science, as stated in this year’s slogan, provides the solution to global challenges.
Only sufficient knowledge of the reality described by science and joint action based on this knowledge are capable of finding a solution to painful global crises, whether it is global warming on the part of environmental sciences, or tensions between peoples and nations on the part of social sciences and climate change. Peaceful administration, or by literary studies on the relationship between tools and books were pushed aside.
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
The Hungarian Science Festival is not a celebration of scientists, Nobel laureates, professors or invited speakers. The Hungarian Science Festival is a community holiday, where invited speakers not only spread their knowledge, but also share it.
And I’m counting on you tonight, too, as true thinkers and participants, because science belongs to everyone.
I thank all those involved in organizing today’s program for their work and creative attitude.
Thank you for being here, I wish you an evening rich in education and knowledge – concluded the city manager.

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