Half a year later, a non-foreign coronavirus was found infected again in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the community has been infected with the coronavirus again after six months, according to authorities on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health said: The case was registered in Auckland and no indication that the infection was of foreign origin was found.

A new community infection was reported in New Zealand on February 28. Since then, all the cases detected in the island nation have been of foreign origin and the infected have been checked at the border.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the nationwide lockdown on Tuesday.

The shortage will last seven weeks in Auckland – and about 85 kilometers from Coromandel, where the infected person visited – and three days in the rest of the country. Below the fourth level, the highest level of short circuit Schools, offices and all stores selling non-essential items will also be closed.

Ardern added that the new infection is believed to be caused by the delta type of coronavirus, but health authorities have yet to confirm this. The prime minister also did not rule out the possibility of more casualties.

A new community infection was reported in New Zealand on February 28Source: AFP / Marty Melville

Residents have been warned to rest

As the Ardern Department of Health previously emphasized, only strict and timely restrictions will allow life to return to the old wheel as quickly as possible.

Like he said, they chose it because It is better to tighten it immediately and gradually loosen it, Instead of ordering a low-grade short circuit for the epidemic to spread quickly.

The public were cautioned to rest and were asked to be patient and cooperate while gathering more information about the newly registered case.

In the Pacific island nation of five million people, 2,570 people have registered so far 26 people have died of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

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